Call for Artists

The Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (LACA) is opening its new artist member run gallery at the Millspace. Read on for details on how to to apply for LACA artist membership, commission structure, benefits / obligations, and more.


Submit five to seven digital images of artwork produced in the past two years and a brief (150 word maximum) artist biography to with the subject: ARTIST MEMBER APPLICATION.

Need some guidance with the artist biography? The artist biography should always be written in the third person point of view. Consider answering the following questions:

    • Where are you currently based?
    • What has been your artistic inspiration? Why?
    • What is your favorite medium? Do you use any special techniques?
    • What mediums does your work often involve?
    • Did you have formal art education or were you self-taught? Tell your origin story!
    • Have you been involved in other exhibitions, recognition / awards , or anything else you want to mention?
    • Do you have hobbies or other related or non-related experiences / background that could help inform art lovers about you as they seek to appreciate you as an artist?

Preference may be given to artists that reside in, have a studio space or a business address in Newmarket, New Hampshire, the directly surrounding towns, and the towns that boast access to the Lamprey River. With that said, all artists who wish to join our community will be considered.

You may also include a resume, reviews, press, and/or a link to your website where a body of work can be seen and/or information about your creative endeavors can be explored. With that said, we are interested in emerging artists as well as experienced artists. We believe that all persons are entitled to equal opportunities, and we do not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, veteran status, physical disability, medical condition, or any other basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law.

Materials will be reviewed by the gallery coordinators and/or other members of the LACA board of trustees.


For every work sold, we do a 65/35 (Artist / LACA) split. Monthly checks can be picked up on (or after) the fifteenth of the month. There are no checks in the mail.


The Millspace Gallery is a volunteer-run gallery. It is run by its artist members. LACA artist membership offers the benefits of a venue to exhibit and sell a variety of artwork including but not limited to painting, block print, jewelry, photography, pottery, sculpture, wood working, and fiber art. The Millspace Gallery also aims to offer space for cultural discovery and retail sales. With huge walls and lots of area, the gallery can accommodate large pieces as well as shows with many works on display. The space can also feature sculptural and 3D installations. Here is a video sneak peek.

Artist members can expect:

  • An orientation as to the purpose, goals, and opportunities associated with LACA, the Millspace Gallery, and the rest of the Millspace Center, including the Millspace Stage
  • Acceptance as important organizational affiliates
  • Opportunities to exhibit in member-only, juried, and/or themed shows
  • Opportunities to pitch and host workshops
  • Eligibility to apply for a solo show at the Millspace Gallery. You are eligible to apply every two years of active membership.
  • Invitation to the Annual Members Meeting, Summer Potluck, and Winter Meet-and-Greet
  • 10% discount on purchases from the Millspace Gallery
  • 50% off admission to Millspace Gallery workshops (though there also may be free admission to many)
  • 10% discount on non-gallery Millspace events (though there may be free admission to many)
  • Waived entry fee for the annual LACA Emerging (Under 17s) Artist Show for any family member
  • Promotion on LACA’s Millspace website and social media pages

Artist members are expected to:

  • Understand and support LACA’s mission, vision, history, and policies
  • Submit annual dues of $50, but we will not deny an artist membership due to a lack of ability to pay.
  • Attend the gallery once per month –at least 1 four-hour shift (10am to 2pm, Saturday or Sunday) whether or not you are exhibiting work during that month.
  • Attend at least two membership gatherings per year, which may include new member orientation, Annual Members Meeting, Summer Potluck, and Winter Meet-and-Greet
  • Provide excellent and professional customer service to the public, vendors, and visitors
  • Have a positive attitude and model appropriate professional behavior which includes being prompt and reliable in attendance
  • Understand that artist members are not in a position to speak for the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance board of trustees or to sign official correspondence


The Millspace Gallery will debut in the fall with two consecutive exhibitions featuring work exclusively from its inaugural artist members.  There will also be retail gallery space where artist members offer additional works for purchase. This opportunity is open to all artist members whether or not they are included in that month’s exhibition. Exhibitions in 2022 will include a combination of juried exhibitions, artist member only exhibitions, artist member solo exhibitions, and an annual youth exhibit.

By the way, the membership clock begins January 1, 2022 regardless of when during 2021 you join. So, that means you can enjoy membership privileges for the last few months of 2021 (as we figure things out together) and then still enjoy all of 2022 as a member!

Shoot us an email if you have questions,  ideas, or want to request a tour. Just keep in mind that we are all volunteers looking to create something special for the community.

Hours / Parking Information

The Millspace Gallery’s anticipated opening is October 2021.

Parking is located on Main Street in downtown Newmarket or in the visitor spaces that are marked in the Newmarket Mills parking lot across the street.