Millspace provides fabulous gallery space for local artists to display their work.

With huge walls and lots of area , the gallery can accommodate large pieces as well as shows with many works on display. The space can also feature sculptural and 3D installations.

The Millspace gallery is available to rent for shows presented by local artists and art associations. The Gallery also holds its own curated shows and provides opportunities for opening receptions, coupled with the regular events schedule to increase exposure to new audiences. We can work in partnership with the artist to promote the event and help to organize and host the artist reception. The Gallery is currently seeking partners to display and curate shows. The Millspace gallery is currently partnering with the Seacoast Arts Association and the Main Street Arts.

The Gallery charges a small fee for works sold in the space. We encourage the promotion of the arts and are looking forward to holding more arts-related events like the Wrong Brain Art Bizarre in the future.

Visitor Information

Gallery hours are currently limited to the receptions and special events schedule. Parking is located on Main Street in downtown Newmarket or in the visitor spaces that are marked in the Newmarket Mills parking lot across the street.