Millspace opening night attracts hundreds

Millspace Newmarket NH

Thank you. We did it.

We have started a new chapter in a story that is well over a hundred years old. We hope for the Millspace to be a testament to the rich, cultural heritage of the community and its centuries-old tradition of melding history, art, industry, and technology.

Newmarket Millspace NHThank you again to the incredible individuals, organizations, and businesses that have been a part of the planning of this space. It is important to note that just the planning for this space has been ongoing for over ten years and the sheer number of people involved that deserve recognition is immense.

Thank you to Access Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Medicine. This project began with a dedicated group of local leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and neighbors developing a vision. And the dream is ever closer because of your generous contribution, as well as the contributions of Chinburg Properties, The Newmarket Community Development Corporation, Proulx Oil and Propane, Boston Education Network, Caprioli Painting, and The Pao Café.

Thank you to the past and present members of the Lamprey Arts & Culture Alliance, the Newmarket Main Street Corporation, the Newmarket Heritage & Cultural Center Committee, and the New Market Historical Society.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have contributed ideas and worked over the many years simply because of a desire to give back to the community.

We have only just completed Phase 1 of construction. What does that mean? It means that you can legally be in the Millspace… but we still need bathrooms. We still need a dedicated heating system. Our ultimate plans include a theater, exhibition space, classrooms, and more. If you can help out, then let us know. We’d love to keep you informed of our progress. Help us spread the word by directing people right here to Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you to Eric Wentworth, illustrator and designer at Winter Crow Studio, for creating the Millspace logo.

Thank you to everyone who made the opening night special, including our jazz duo (Greg Rothwell and Mack Walters), our host for the evening (and event organizer!) John Herman, and finally our dynamic roster of local notables who came to speak on their passions: W. Jeffrey Bolster, Kath Gallant, Brady Carlson, Sam Paolini, Michael Provost, John Pittman, Greg Kretchmar, Matthew Carano, and Jen Chinberg.

And thank YOU.