HVAC Project is Underway!

Thanks to the support of the Newmarket Community Development Corporation and generous sponsors, the Millspace HVAC project is underway. The project will improve the ambient comfort and temperature control within the 5500 square foot space by adding a heating and cooling system that is right sized for the spaces. The loud and clunky modine heater will be removed. Over the next 6 weeks, the areas to the left and the right of the stage will be built out and enclosed to accommodate the systems. This will also create much needed storage and green rooms for stage left and stage right entry to be used for theater and concert performances.

Joining us soon will be the “Arts in Reach” visual art summer art camp. All the construction will be completed in time for the Juston McKinney Speaker/Performer event on September 9.

Sincere gratitude to East Coast HVAC, FW Webb, Castle Country Painters, Newmarket Mills and Chinburg Properties for their generous contributions to this project. The board is seeking additional donations to improve lighting, sounds and stage. How awesome can we make the space for Newmarket? There are naming opportunities available! Please contact Jen Chinburg  if you are interested in being a part of the development of Newmarket’s own performing arts and civic space.