Why do we even have this opportunity? How did we get here?

  • 1823 — The mills arrived in Newmarket, New Hampshire.
  • 1987 — For the first time in 164 years, the mills are empty of any manufacturing industry.
  • 1997 — The mills are sold to Town of Newmarket for $1. Newmarket Community Development Corporation (NCDC) is created to accept the mills with the goal of redevelopment for the community.
  • 2004 — NCDC commissioned a report that involved a diverse list of potential uses for the mills. Lamprey Arts and Cultural Alliance (LACA) was created to oversee a proposed civic space.
  • 2006 — Newmarket Heritage and Culture Center Committee (NHCCC) formed to develop the civic space.
  • 2007 — Following a draft proposal, a tour of the mills produced a 5,400 square feet space in the basement of the N1 building as the definitive location for the civic space.
  • 2013 — A $1 a year lease is signed for the civic space by the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance.
  • 2013 — Phase 1 construction is completed and Millspace received its certificate of occupancy for up to 292 people (a full house!).
  • 2014 — The first Millspace produced event is Ignite, a standing room only event that sets the tone for the great potential of Millspace.
  • 2015 — Millspace completes construction of the bathrooms, secures its liquor license, and hangs a gallery system for easy installation of rotating art shows.
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