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Explore the gundalow at our Family Day!

Saturday, May 17 | 10:00 am

Join us at the Newmarket Millspace on Saturday May 17 from 10-1 for a Family Day in celebration of the newly built gundalow Piscataqua during its stay in Newmarket! You can board the Piscataqua and take a guided tour by the crew. The sea faring sounds of the Great Bay Sailors will be performing on the Rivermoor Docks.  Head inside the Millspace and learn more about the gundalow, mill history, ecology, and more, through a variety of workshops and hands on activities. Artist Adam Kelley will be offering workshops to our visitors who want to learn how to capture the gundalows images through drawing. Find local artist Susan Adams at her easel as she creates a painting of the gundalow. Join in the artistic celebration by participating in our coloring event. Bring your colored page into the Bloom’n Cow (between now and Sunday, May 18th) located on the first level of the Newmarket Mills where your own work of art will be displayed. Tour a mini gallery provided by the New Market Historical Society to learn first hand about Newmarket’s history.

This free event is sponsored by the Newmarket Millspace and the Newmarket Historical Society for all to enjoy. We can’t wait to see you there!!