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Charity Comedy Night Benefitting Newmarket First Responders

Saturday, June 17 | 7:00 pm

Mark Moccia will be your host for the evening! Mark is a full time Technology guy who has a passion for giving back to charity and is a lifelong fan of standup comedy. He started performing comedy in 2018 and has recently pivoted toward mostly producing charity shows.


Headliner, Janet McNamara.
For over ten years, Janet McNamara has thrilled audiences across the country with comedy that balances the search for identity with the search for a parking spot. From the first word, audiences are treated to an original perspective and an awkward energy that captivates undergrad hipsters and suburban housewives, sometimes at the same show (usually around Christmas).
As an accountant with townie charm and no time for BS, Janet has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy and won a loyal fanbase of her own across New England.
“Janet McNamara is a fantastic comic-with an amazing delivery and enviable timing of very unique material.”
-Maria Bamford
So if you’re looking for razor-sharp jokes delivered with a plainspoken flair, Janet will tell you to get a better hobby. But also she does that.


Eric Hurst.
Eric Hurst is a Manchester NH based comedian and rocknroll guitarist His comedy is a blend of jokes, stories, rants, and puns based largely off his life experiences and observations. He’s performed at Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival (Las Vegas), FunFunFun Fest (Austin), and the RocknRoll Comedy Extravaganza (Seattle) along with countless bars, clubs, and theaters you’ve never heard of. American Music Press has called him, “A true comedy original,” and “One of the U.S. underground comedy scene’s hardest working road dogs.

Tony Moschetto.
Tony Moschetto is a stand-up comedian and wants to let you know he loves it! He really really does! Tony started out in Boston during the rough and tumble days of the 1990s. Making his bones, cutting his teeth, and eventually blazing a trail throughout New England and beyond with his offbeat sensibilities and unique sense of humor. He’s also managed to perform overseas in London, Beijing and Shanghai. But, did you know some of his lesser-known accomplishments? He came in 101st (last place) at the 2000 Topsfield Fair Giant Pumpkin contest. He traveled across the USA three times. He kinda” broke the hip of the man who invented the whiffle ball while playing tennis

Zach Valencia.
Zach performs all over New England was a finalist in the New Englands Funniest Competition.