An Evening of Artificial Intelligence Theatre

Saturday, April 8 | 6:30 pm

Join the global discussion of the implications of Artificial Intelligence. Behold  art created and performed in collaboration with guest actors and AI!

Saturday, April 8 – Doors open at 6:30pm. Program begins at 7pm.

CLICK FOR TICKETS: General admission $12, Students / Senior Citizens / Veterans  $10

Following a dynamic talk by award winning author and futurist James Patrick Kelly, enjoy a series of short scenes and dramatic experiments in collaboration with AI, produced on the spot and performed by guest actors. This one of a kind event my be the first of its kind in history. The drama will be followed by an audience Q/A with Kelly and the actors.

The evening is produced and hosted by local artist, writer, and teacher John Herman. The bar will be open for purchasing refreshments.

Scroll down for a poem written by AI about the evening…

Come one, come all to a night of AI delight, 

Where technology and art converge as one. 

A world of imagination takes flight, 

Where every scene is crafted by a computer’s fun.

No need to fear, for these machines are wise, 

And every word they speak is pure poetry. 

Their lines will touch your heart, your soul, your eyes, 

A symphony of emotions, wild and free.

So join us now, and let the future’s light 

Guide you through this journey of the mind. 

Where every scene is crafted to ignite 

A spark of wonder in all who are inclined.

So come and witness this new age of art, 

Where AI is the master of the heart.

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