For the past 5 years, Millspace has been proud to be a member of the arts, history and culture community.

We invite YOU to become a part of that community by attending Millspace performances, visiting our dynamic art gallery, and telling your friends and family about this hidden gem .

As a supporter of Newmarket Millspace, you are part of sustaining its mission: a shared living room of our community – a place for people to gather, to share ideas and to enjoy each other’s company.

With our pause during COVID and our reopening with limited events, we have adjusted our past membership program and looking to streamline our future Millspace Memberships.

Until then, all donations are greatly appreciated so that we can continue to grow and expand programming in this community venue!



Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Millspace Community!



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We need your support to open the doors more often and to bring interesting, unique programs to Newmarket.

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