Healthy Reopening at Newmarket Millspace

Healthy Reopening at Newmarket Millspace – as of 3/2022

Due to current Covid-19 information and in an effort to provide a space that is possible for everyone to enjoy during this unusual time, Newmarket Millspace requires the following:

  • Millspace strongly recommends visitors to wear masks inside the space regardless of vaccination or non-vaccinated in order to protect yourself & others.
  • Keep physical distancing of 3 feet or more.
  • If eating or drinking, please keep additional physical distance from others.
  • Use hand sanitizer and bathrooms to wash hands thoroughly as needed.
  • If you are sick or having any symptoms related to Covid-19 recently or at this time, please do not enter Millspace and take all precautionary measures to protect yourself & others.

Please keep in mind…

  • Newmarket Millspace is run by volunteers who are doing their best to reopen a venue where everyone can feel safe, welcome & comfortable.
  • Guidelines will be adjusted as needed and determined by the board.