Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Millspace?

The space is managed by a hard working volunteer board of directors and members of various committees. We will do our best to accommodate your request! If you are interested in volunteering to be on a committee or to curate the gallery we would love to have you join us. Please contact us and let us know what “floats your boat.”

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for new and old friends to get involved, to donate, to advocate, and to help with the events. Please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself so we can find a good match for your skills and interests. We look forward to meeting you!

I would like to make a donation, how can I do that?

Thank you! The Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance is the 501c3 that manages the Millspace. Donations by check can be mailed to: Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance, 55 Main Street, G1, Newmarket, NH 03857. We happily also accept donations by all major credit cards and through PayPal. Learn more on our Make a Donation page. 

I would like to rent the space for a performance, workshop, family party, concert or other. How can I do that and what does it cost?

The space is currently available to be rented based on availability and approval of the event. We require a refundable security deposit to protect against any damages. (Fully refundable after the event assuming the space is left in good condition). For more information, visit our Event Rental page or submit an event request on our Contact Us page.

Can I serve alcohol?

The Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance has a liquor license for Millspace which means that we can serve alcohol. We currently serve beer, wine and hard cider. LACA is responsible for managing the bar, so all liquor must be served by our bartenders and paid for (no free alcohol). If you would like to have alcohol served at your event just let us know and we will hire a bartender for you and take care of set up and break down for a part convenience fee.

How much is this going to raise taxes?

Zero dollars. It will not raise taxes. The Millspace is funded through membership, programming, foundation grants, government grants, and private and corporate donations.

Why do we even have this opportunity? How did we get here?

  • 1823 — The mills arrived in Newmarket, New Hampshire.
  • 1987 — For the first time in 164 years, the mills are empty of any manufacturing industry.
  • 1997 — The mills are sold to Town of Newmarket for $1. Newmarket Community Development Corporation (NCDC) is created to accept the mills with the goal of redevelopment for the community.
  • 2004 — NCDC commissioned a report that involved a diverse list of potential uses for the mills. Lamprey Arts and Cultural Alliance (LACA) was created to oversee a proposed civic space.
  • 2006 — Newmarket Heritage and Culture Center Committee (NHCCC) formed to develop the civic space.
  • 2007 — Following a draft proposal, a tour of the mills produced a 5,400 square feet space in the basement of the N1 building as the definitive location for the civic space.
  • 2013 — A $1 a year lease is signed for the civic space by the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance.
  • 2013 — Phase 1 construction is completed and Millspace received its certificate of occupancy for up to 292 people (a full house!).
  • 2014 — The first Millspace produced event is Ignite, a standing room only event that sets the tone for the great potential of Millspace.
  • 2015 — Millspace completes construction of the bathrooms, secures its liquor license, and hangs a gallery system for easy installation of rotating art shows.

Who made this happen? Who can we thank?

The Millspace is the product of a collaboration between the following organizations and individuals:

  • Newmarket Community Development Corporation
  • Lamprey Arts & Culture Alliance
  • Newmarket Main Street Corporation
  • Newmarket Recreation Department
  • Newmarket Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Newmarket Historical Society
  • Newmarket Business Association
  • Newmarket Veterans Memorial Trust
  • Newmarket Town Council
  • Newmarket Downtown TIF Advisory Committee
  • Town residents
  • Local artists and musicians

How can I hold or propose an event at Millspace?

You can start by sending an event inquiry on our Contact Us page. Our dedicated board will do our absolute best to get back to you with date availability and further information within 48 hours.

There are three categories of events at Millspace. These include: A straight rental, a co-produced event or a Millspace signature event. Learn more on our Event Rentals page.

What is the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance?

The Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (or LACA) is the official name of the 501c3 that was established in 2006. Millspace is the main focus of LACA and in 2014 “Millspace Center for Art, Culture and History” became a DBA (doing business as) legal name in New Hampshire for the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance. They are now often used interchangeably to refer to the organization and the space.

What are the costs to rent Millspace?

Rental costs vary based on your needs and type of event: private, co-produced or signature. As a rule of thumb they range from $250 up to around $1,000, driven by the choices that you make for your event. We are committed to making Millspace affordable to provide the greatest amount of flexibility and accessibility for creative expression and productions.

Why isn’t it free?

Alas, Millspace has many fixed costs including: heating the space, electricity, insurance, liquor license, marketing and promotion, maintaining the gallery and much more. Our costs are offset by many hours of volunteer labor, but we look forward to the day when we will have some staff to hold more events and become an even more dynamic center for creativity and expression. Thank you for being part of the support network that helps to offset these costs by hosting your next event at Millspace!

What does Millspace provide for events?

Millspace is currently just that, the inspiring “space,” with lighting and bathrooms, parking and loading zone, offered in clean and creative condition, heated and ready to “plug and play.” We also offer bar service for a fee.

Where is Millspace located?

The Millspace is a 5400+/- square foot space located on the very lowest level of the Newmarket Mills, at 55 Main Street in Newmarket, NH. Enter the building through the South Entry tower (closest to downtown), under the black and red Millspace sign, and proceed down one flight of stairs. Voila!

Where is the parking for Millspace?

Parking is on street and in the Newmarket Mills parking lot across the street. There is handicapped access via the courtyard, next to the loading zone.

Who owns Millspace?

Millspace is part of the Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance. It is a 501c3 non-profit and not owned by any individual.

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