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At its core, the Millspace is a kind of shared living room of our community — a place for people to gather, to share ideas and to enjoy each other’s company.

We have established a vibrant civic space in Newmarket, New Hampshire dedicated to creative and cultural exploration and experimentation. We believe that the space has the responsibility to increase the quality and variety of educational and community-oriented programs, and to effectively steward our corner of the historic mill and to carry forward the legacy of its historical significance to the town.

Millspace serves the community by:

  • Reflecting the cultural and artistic interests of the residents and nonprofit and business organizations of Offering community members creative and learning opportunities in the form of roundtable discussions, workshops, panel sessions, lectures, visual and audio gallery installations, film festivals, historic engagement, musical performances, education, and live theater.
  • Offering community members the availability of the space as a function hall for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, banquets, corporate meetings, and private gatherings.
  • Providing an evolving cultural environment that widens engagement in interdisciplinary practices with attention ranging from the historical significance of the mills to new technologies offered by the digital era and its collaborative culture.
  • Establishing work space for musicians, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, writers, freelancers, and technologists to interact and collaborate in the exploration of history, technology, art, business, film, photography, theater, community, and the web.

Millspace from Dan Deering on Vimeo.

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